Losing Sergio Aguero to injury is believed to be a massive blow for City, but, if you look at the numbers, they suggest something else – City have not actually missed the services of the star striker that much when he hasn’t been available to play.

Since the summer of 2011 when Aguero joined in, the winning % of City with the Argentinean being in the side is 62 which is less if compared to the winning % when he has been out of the side.

Aguero’s fans would probably like to counter this by saying that most of the games that he has remained out of have been the Cup games in which the standard of the opponents haven’t been the highest. But, if you go slightly more into these stats and try and find out what has been the winning % of City playing versus the strong opponents with and without Aguero, the outcome would be the same – the winning % again is greater when Aguero hasn’t been there featuring for the Club. (Click for more stats like these and some fun facts about bet365)

However, on the basis of this, one can’t say that Aguero hasn’t been a great contributor during his stay at the Etihad Stadium. He has definitely played his part being very consistent up front and scoring a number of match winning goals.

But, it’s not that when the Sky Blues haven’t had his services, they’ve got exposed. That has certainly not happened. City’s been able to cope.

Of course, they would not have liked Aguero to get injured at this stage and it’s a “blow’, undoubtedly, but, they are a team good enough to still put on the top performances.

City presently stands at the top of the Premier League table with 26 points in 12 games.

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