Vincent Kompany struggled most against Barcelona

Vincent Kompany was one of the players of Manchester City which struggled the most during their Champions League match against Barcelona. The Belgium defender just couldn’t keep Luis Suarez under his control as the Uruguayan forward was able to slip past Kompany with ease and score both of the goals that he scored in the match.

It clearly was not the best performance of Kompany as it wasn’t until the 2nd half of the game where he managed to step it up and actually deliver some timely tackles which helped out Manchester City in not conceding any further goals besides the 2 that were scored in the 1st half.

Manchester City are under threat in this season of not winning any major titles as they still have to catch up to Chelsea in the Premier League and the Champions League road is a tough one as Barcelona has an advantage.

Even though City has a tough road ahead of them, Vincent Kompany has stated that he does not have any plans or intentions of leaving Manchester City anytime soon as he outlined his desire to remain at the Etihad Stadium despite what might happen with the club.

“I don’t plan to leave Manchester City. I can’t think of any club where I could have as much influence as I have here. I feel a bond with Manchester as a place, and with the fans. I would not even leave to join Barcelona.” Vincent Kompany told reporters said as he stated his desire to continue being a player of Manchester City.

Kompany joined Manchester City on August 22 of 2008 and has helped the English club on securing two Premier League titles, an FA Cup and a League Cup, from the looks of it he wants to continue winning more pieces of silverware for the club.

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