The moment Manchester City won the Premier League title

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  1. im a united fan, but FULL respect to man city, they deserved this tittle, and i say´╗┐ hats off to them. good job lads. ­čÖé

  2. Yeah, can’t imagine why no United fans would see City’s home coming. Must be because none of them live´╗┐ in Manchester…

  3. Same´╗┐ here!

  4. that comment made no fucking´╗┐ sense i’m sorry

  5. WTF is´╗┐ Cisse so happy about?

  6. and´╗┐ Mumbai

  7. Pure orgasm…ManU go fuck yourseeeeeeeeeeeeelf!!!!!! UHUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA´╗┐

  8. ahahahaha massive bail at 1:10´╗┐

  9. ahahaha massive bail´╗┐ at 1.10

  10. Congratulations Manchester City! Great fight back. And thank you SO MUCH for beating Manure to it.

    From a´╗┐ Liverpool supporter.

  11. lmao at the man u fans celebrating, hahahahaha god i´╗┐ can watch this over and over again

  12. look at cisse´╗┐ cheering with nasri (former liverpool player)

  13. 0:26´╗┐ ENJOY!!!

  14. LOL at the guy slipping at 1:12´╗┐

  15. Over a ┬úBILLION spent and you scraped it on goal difference, missing Vidic, Cleverley and Fletcher for the season yet we were the only´╗┐ team that actually put up a fucking challenge, ahah, sad fans getting jolly over United losing becuase their team hardly, if ever wins anything meaningful, it’s all good next season we’ll have it back,but what’s more funny is City will soon take over us as the most hated club in England and for completely different reasons, can’t wait for the FFP rules, hmmm.

  16. @whispersosoftly True´╗┐ that

  17. I like it when Djibril Cisse and Samir Nasri are hugging. I support Everton and wanted City to win´╗┐ the title to give us a change from Man Utd and Chelsea winning it all the time. Please check out our channel for a couple of good videos with more coming soon. We love you Nikica Jelav

  18. Thank you! I’m an American´╗┐ and I love football too! Not handegg of course.

  19. I am American and its retarded that people are saying Americans are ignorant towards football. Americans love European football,´╗┐ EPL especially. We love and respect the EPL and we watch it in amazement because of the incredibly high level of skill and competition. Pretty much all Americans under the age of 30 love watching EPL football. And yes we understand that the MLS is shit. Its common knowledge. Older people are stubborn and stuck in there ways and only like association american football.

  20. I’m a united fan and I do respect your team. Good job your first title in 44 years. But next year I’m afraid I going to be us again Man United.´╗┐

  21. Phil Jones priceless´╗┐

  22. City ’til I die. Four weeks ago to this very moment I was out of my head after coming from´╗┐ the Etihad in utterly surreal circumstances.

  23. You’re right that it takes more than money to win trophies but the money´╗┐ put them at the top table and gave them the opportunity to compete. They didn’t earn that right they bought it.

  24. to all the man city fans saying justice has been done. My question to you is´╗┐ how much money do ya need !!??

  25. Doesn’t matter if you spend lots of money, the players´╗┐ still need to perform. Which they did.

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