Sport – Arsenal Vs Manchester City | 08/04/2012 | (2-1) My Thoughts and Predictions

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23 responses to “Sport – Arsenal Vs Manchester City | 08/04/2012 | (2-1) My Thoughts and Predictions

  1. “M. Richards” as goalkeeper? :O

  2. Well, he predicted a win for arsenal so he cant be that bad….

  3. 0:46 haha

  4. pause at 0:12

  5. Shhhh silly boy, don’t swear at me, in real life you wouldn’t, so dont act all badman over the interner, rude boi xx

  6. If you go on twitter and look at pics you can see…

  7. You are the worst predictor ever and city will still win the prem

  8. shut the fuck up. you dont know shit

  9. M.Richards in nes ? and abate up front LOL

  10. Great video as always :)
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  12. arteta watched this vid before the game

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  14. find me out by postcode then what???????

  15. Don’t swear at me you foolish boi, Ill find out where you live by postcode, cheeky boyyyyy

  16. he obv wasn’t if he was playing you dick head

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  18. “i see 2 gaols of RVP” … close enough :p

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  20. are they playing or fake fucking?

  21. 0:30
    Heskey scores but he doesn’t want to show it!

  22. Thats amazing!

  23. arteta needs a inform

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