Manuel Pellegrini reckons the teams in Group D are not that far apart from one another in terms of quality and at the moment, it’s quite hard to make the prediction which two would be able to make their way into the pre quarter finals.

The four teams which are slotted in Group D in the Champions League 2015-16 are Juventus, Sevilla, Manchester City and Borussia Monchengladbach. City had suffered a defeat at the hands of Juventus in their first game, but, made a comeback by getting better of Monchengladbach earlier this week.

Manuel Pellegrini

Now, the Sky Blues are at no. 3 in the group. Although, they are tied with Sevilla points wise, but, because of an inferior goal differential, they are positioned lower than the Spanish club.

In the press conference post the Monchengladbach game, when Pellegrini was asked which teams, in his opinion, are the favourites to move to the next stage of the tournament, he said, “It’s a tight group. All the teams are pretty closely matched as far as the quality is concerned. You can’t say this team is better than that or that team is better than this. Let’s wait and watch who’s able to be consistent and end at the first two slots.”

Talking about Sergio Aguero, who was the only goal scorer for City against Monchengladbach, the Chilean said, “The composure that he showed at the end was really admirable. When you are under that much pressure in a big game, you can so easily make mistakes with the penalties. But, he kept his calm. And, also Joe Hart, his saves were vital. It was nice to see the key players rising to the occasion.”

City will next take on Sevilla at Etihad on 21st of October, and you can find the best odds on the bet bonus code website.

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