New Fixture Dates Create a Disadvantage for Manchester City in the Premier League

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a convenient fixture in the Premier League. The divisional depth is indeed at a higher quality yet again this season. For instance, Brentford, not a team that lies mid the table in the top five division of Europe would have been put in a display of the quality of Man City before the break of the World Cup.

In reality, fixture pile-up is inevitably going to happen for City because of factors out of their control. The death of the Queen and fixture postponements as a result of this was unavoidable and unexpected.
Moreover, the top flight break when World Cup in Qatar is in full swing was out of the hands of the Blues but was quite avoidable many years ago. These factors can’t be helped but the rearrangements of the fixtures haven’t been kind to Pep Guardiola.

Now, Manchester City’s start to 2023 appears to be threatening to say the least.
• Chelsea
• Manchester United
• Tottenham Hotspur
• Wolverhampton Wanderers
• Tottenham Hotspur
• Aston Villa
• Arsenal
It’s before taking into account that Manchester City will have a Third Round FA Cup, a potential fourth-round, a potential replay, a potential two-legged semi-final, and a potential Carabao Cup to fit into the space, too. So, it is going to be difficult for Guardiola’s men.
Many ex-professionals say that they prefer having many fixtures week in, and week out instead of dealing with large training sessions. However, even the ones who are looking forwards to these matches will dread the spell.
Before the rush starts this new year, Manchester City has to cope with the festive period, immediately after the World Cup, with a round of 16-clash in the League Cup with Liverpool only 4 days after the final game in Qatar, easing into the domestic mindset will be difficult.

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