Mourinho slags off City

With Jose Mourinho supposedly facing the prospect of losing his best player in Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s no surprise to see him appear somewhat bitter towards one of the player’s potential suitors. The Real Madrid manager says that while City could definitely win the Champions League in the near future, they will never possess the history that the great clubs such as Real and Barcelona have.

It was just several days ago that Ronaldo announced he was not satisfied with life at the Bernabeu, although nobody yet knows what has trigger such an outburst. As you would expect, there has been a flurry of rumours following his comments and unsurprisingly some have linked him with a return to the Premiership with City.

However, Jose Mourinho claims that he is not concerned about other clubs, claiming that Real possess the deep history that should result in their best players at the club staying put. Speaking to the press he said, “We have the potential and history to keep our best players. Madrid, Barca, Bayern, these clubs have unique historic capital – the trophies, the European Cups, the history, the fans. Things you cannot buy with money. Manchester City are powerful because they have players at the highest world level. But there will be difficulties for clubs that are not well structured, although they have wallets full of money.”

Whether or not this is one of Jose’s famous mind games remains to be seen. City are preparing to face Real later in the month as they embark on their first game in their Champions League campaign. However, considering some of the comments Mourinho has made in the past, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if he was already trying to get under the team’s skin. If this is the case, prepare to read more of the same over the next couple of weeks…

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