Manchester City Wins the Premier League Title. Everyone Goes Nuts.

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25 responses to “Manchester City Wins the Premier League Title. Everyone Goes Nuts.

  1. epic moment


  3. never get old

  4. River Plate respect to Manchester City

  5. I am an American who envy the English on your passion and enthusiasm for the game of football. You guys are awesome, especially you Manchester City fans! Much love!

  6. “We did it” and “The way home” by David Robidoux 🙂

  7. what is name of the song please? 🙂

  8. van persieee bitchhhh…2:3 suck on that!!!!!

  9. You’re trapped in a room with an angry grizzly bear, a hungry Lion, and a fan of Manchester U. You have a gun with two bullets. What should you do?
    Shoot the United fan… twice.

  10. whats the backing track

  11. Everytime i see this video … I cry… <3 

  12. Gives me goosebumps

  13. You sir, are awesome 🙂
    from Barcelona fan.

  14. Title winners: Celtic Man City Ajax Dortmund Real Madrid

  15. Thank you so much manchester city. My entire life has been waiting for something this amazing, totally worth the 18 years and 93 minutes of torture.

  16. tip: dont watch hungover! what a rush i was at this game ! thankyou city, great end to a brilliant season

  17. Great !!!!! I’m Italian I’m 47 and I support my favourit team “TARANTO” . I hope one day, for my “red and blues” to fight against the greatest and luckiest team of the serie A Italian soccer championship as your Great MANCHESTER CITY. And I hope to support my team for many years like that gentleman at the end of the video. Go City; Go !!!!! Forza Tarantoooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!

  18. yh, from a QPR supporter i honestly couldn’t have been happier with that result even though we were almost relegated.

  19. the video is FANTASTIC!!! compliment

  20. to all the united fans preaching about how your top of the league and the title was bought may i point out that you are to ones on a vid about city isent that slightly pathetic?

  21. I was at this match, up in the corner of the East Stand, greatest day of my life.

  22. No it wasn’t… They shouldn’t of even had it that close in the first place. QPR Suck dick. Although it was an amazing final day.

  23. By the way that old guy at the end. LEGEND.

  24. The English Premier League. Because fuck knowing who won the title until the last possible 5 minutes of the last game.

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