Manchester City vs Queens Park Rangers 3-2 (Premier League Final 2012)

Male City Supporters Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. I am American and its retarded that people are saying Americans are ignorant towards football. Americans love European football, EPL especially. We love and respect the EPL and we watch it in amazement because of the incredibly high level of skill and competition. Pretty much all Americans under the age of 30 love watching EPL football. And yes we understand that the MLS is shit. Its common knowledge. Older people are stubborn and stuck in there ways and only like association american football.

  2. Sold our best player, sorry forgot Beckham and Ronaldo and Van Nistelrooy were still at United, W do know what an academy is, Richards was at ours, If Evans s the best you have it doesn’t scare me, spending money isn’t cheating by the way, Fulham not getting a penalty was cheating, Ashley young getting 2 penalties in 2 weeks by diving was cheating, getting 5 minutes added onto a derby where nothing happened was cheating, Vincent Kompany getting red carded was cheating

  3. this is probably the best game of the season

  4. no club has billions dumbass

  5. yes i hv heard of bebe..i also know he is on loan to beskistas..i kno about de gea .. smalling.. nd evans… for ur info evans was nt bought..he is from man utd academy..ever heard of a academy??? Its a place where players are trained so that dey can play at highest possible levels..cheaty spent billions to gain a title..a mid table club who knew dey didnt hav any talent to win it jst by playing good football..hv u heard of richard dunne..?? U even sold ur best player..shame on such a club!!

  6. My name is Steven, I am 12 years old. I am hoping to become a pro soccer player please look at my videos and tell me what you think.

  7. i actually cried in the sad gutted way because i support manu i was gutted

  8. Sorry, you didn’t spend any money last year hey,
    Bebe 10 M have you even heard of him
    Jones De Gea Smalling Evans, wow you never spend any money, at least we spend money wise, ps when we played Newcaslte and you played Swansea your team cost more money than our team

  9. Best day of my life! CTID

  10. i agree with you

  11. Barton νομιζεις πως κλοτσωντας τον Aguero θα κερδισεις κατι…εχε χαρη που δεν παιζει ο Γκαρσια στην σιτι,τοτε ουτε στον Τεβες δεν θα εκανες το φαουλ

  12. nd cheaty a disgrace to football wins.. now go nd buy more titles …

  13. Makes my hair stand on end. What a fantastic match to watch from a neutrals perspective, amazing season and well done Man City

  14. Barton is a little bitch

  15. Get stuffed – jerk. Doesn’t matter what it is there’s still not a hint of emotion or intonation in his voice. I know they can show emotion – I’ve seen Inglorious Basterds and Valkyrie haha.

  16. 1:17 guy picking nose in crowed

  17. this game and chelsea final CL games were the best this year

  18. it was the highlights anti germany jerk. lets see if a canadian did better in highlights

  19. mancini is a crazy bitch

  20. great

  21. Joy Barton should be banned from ever stepping onto any pitch ever invented ever again.

  22. this isn’t a live commentary. he only summarized the highlights from the match. watch the live commentary of him. there he show real emotions.

  23. I’ve seen dozens of highlights in several languages – this Kraut doesn’t even change the tone in his voice bahahahaha. How is that possible. Even if u don’t watch sports at all this has to get you out of your seat. Fekkin Gerries.
    Aguero – untouchable!!!! C’MON CITY…!

  24. Mancini is stupid when Dzeko is not standardplayer in the Team.

  25. The best match I’ve ever seen.

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