Manchester City Vs QPR 3-2 – Vincent Kompany Interview – May 13 2012 – [High Quality]

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23 responses to “Manchester City Vs QPR 3-2 – Vincent Kompany Interview – May 13 2012 – [High Quality]

  1. Bless his soul

  2. Uuuhm no Kompany is definitely with the best CB but IMO and many others Thiago Silva is the best CB in the world currently but I love Kompany!

  3. Well the fact Vinny married a Mancunian girl may suggest for a long time yet. Hopefully for the rest of his career.

  4. lol it’s so true. Since Neville became a pundit I’ve actually come to really like the fella! Used to think he was a wanker but he’s actually alright. Really knows his shit. Without doubt the best football pundit on television. You should listen to him analysing one of Man City’s games, think it was against Stoke. The level of his understanding of the dynamics of the game is so impressive. I actually he’ll end up as a world class manager in time.

  5. one of the most eloquent men in football. Bucks the trend when people talk about footballers. He strikes you as not just a great professional but an extremely intelligent man.

  6. kick out the epic motherfucker!!!

    kompany best cb in the world

  7. vince the prince <3 belgium world cup 2014

  8. You literally believe every word he says in that interview. There are not many people, let alone footballers, you can say that about. Great footballer, great leader, great person.

  9. to be honest all the man city players are good on and off the pitch, unlike man u chelsea and liverpool.

  10. Even us Utd Fans like this man Inspirational captain!! A city fan said to me in the past year he has grown to love Gary Neville and Utd fans have grown to love Vincent.

  11. kompany roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs mmmmaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  12. ‘never ever did I stop believing’ that’s why you are the best captain in the league.

  13. Always was a first class guy. Intelligence combined with class. Hope he still improves as defender, and gets up to the level Jaap Stam, who was able to defend the goal by himself at certain occasion. greetz from Belgium. Finally we get Belgium on the map 🙂

  14. You don’t need to mention ‘HIGH QUALITY’ in the video-title when Vince The Prince is allready in it. Goes without saying.

  15. He has a forehead that rivals gervinho’s.

  16. Kompany, Aguero, Silva, Yaya Toure I like. Respected true athletes. The rest?…..fucking cunts!

  17. Kompany, a true gentleman, a true athlete, pure class.

  18. Vincent Company, A superb ambassador of English Football.,(Thank you Belgium) An excepional leader who I hope enjoys his stay in this country a bit longer.

  19. Proud United fan but this man is a ledge, quality player and all round nice guy!

  20. I am a United fan, but this man is pure class. What a guy.

  21. and Barton wanted to headbutt Vincent Kompany – look at that head!

  22. Vincent Kompany is a credit to football. An inspiration, deserves everything good life.

  23. You couldn’t have two more different people as captains. Barton as a thug who let his side down, Kompany who did them proud. As a neutral, I’ve got to say, what a class act.

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