Manchester City Vs QPR 3-2 Paul Merson Reaction on gillette soccer special May 13 2012 [HD]

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25 responses to “Manchester City Vs QPR 3-2 Paul Merson Reaction on gillette soccer special May 13 2012 [HD]

  1. Mancini is a wasteman…..

  2. U no not all utd fans are glory hunters. I supported utd since i was 4 so…… City wer beter dis year i admit but utd arnt finished. Afta chelsea won it we came out nxt season nd won it so…

  3. mindfreakfreak123

    I’m a united fan, I respect city fans and some city players. But fans like you are not loyal you probably liked city in 2008, so please tell me how you still liked them in 1998 and 2000.

  4. i dont support man city, but the hate I have for man utd.
    Better get used to it.


  6. Fergies reaction at 1:10 I could watch over and over for a lifetime, never ceases to make me rofl.

  7. local being stockport i guess.

  8. Mcity saw Mutd drink their champagne, now it’s MUTD TURN TO WATCH!

  9. Although I like United that was some day!

  10. CTID!!

  11. we were all like this lol

  12. Are you fucking stupid or something? Please tell me so i don’t feel sorry for you. If we don’t win a season we’ll say fair play and we’ll be back. Said the same thing when Chelsea an Arsenal won it. Man City win it once & all you idiots go on like ya won it by miles, even supporters of other teams think the same way & i laugh at it. So saying Man Utd are done or what ever stupid shit you and many other throw at me. I’ll bat it back ten fold, so piss off.

  13. lol utd fans need to shut the fuck up about their history. who cares if youve won it in the past, stating that isnt going to change the fact that you were not the best team in the premiership this season

  14. If you look carefully Fergie seems to have found a nut or something in his chewy!! As Srrgio might say to Paddy Kenny – chew on that mate.

  15. All Man city fans = true, blue and local

    almost all Man utd fans = gloryhunting chavs and foreigners

  16. so what will happen in the next 10 years, will you still be jerking off to the past successes of manu? At the end of every season you’ll think: ‘We might not have won it now, but we’re still better because we won it some years ago.’ Good luck with that, smartass idiot.

  17. Reading your comment. It dawned on me of how much of an idiot you are haha its not the first season we ended trophy-less and it won’t be the last Man Utd are a better team but nobody is perfect (duh). But lets face it, it is funny that you guys still get pissed off about Man Utd no matter what. We had to listen to all your bitching a complain season in & season out. Tell me to go cry ahaha look who’s talking such anger in your comment. oh & Chelsea worked hard but luck was also on their side.

  18. all you red ass fans are just mad because your worst nightmare came true all your neighbors and rivals went home with something and you went home with nothing from Chelsea winning the fa cup to Manchester city winning the league to Liverpool winning the English cup to Chelsea redeeming themselves by winning the champions league face it the red curse is over now go sit in a room ball your eye’s out and cruel up in a ball

  19. Good point but i believe we improved and prepare for new challenges. The same happened with Chelsea and they’re only in the CL next season cause they had luck on their side few days ago. Look as a utd fan it was hard to lose the league on goal difference no point in lying but Utd will dust themselves of an get back on track.

  20. vai mancio vinci anche in inghilterra… grande supermario!!!

  21. United needed like 20 years to overpass Liverpool, so give me a break. I’m sure no Liverpool fan would have thought in 1990 that United would have more titles than them in 20 years.

  22. oh look another smart ass comment from a dumb fuck haha fuck off idiot. “they’re better than you” oh one season oh i’m so so so so so so so upset hahaha

  23. they r better than u pin dick


  25. ThornliebankRFC

    Ha ha…………….great to see the Man United fans hurting so much. They better get used to it.

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