Manchester City Vs QPR 3-2 – Paul Merson Going Mental In The Studio – 13/05/12

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23 responses to “Manchester City Vs QPR 3-2 – Paul Merson Going Mental In The Studio – 13/05/12

  1. Thanks Mate 🙂 

  2. @1loversinjapan your a legend!

  3. i shall follow you mate 🙂 doing it now 🙂

  4. @1loversinjapan thanks man, it would be a great help. If you have twitter follow me @ChrisHartleyy. City talk and my call of duty stuff from time to time or just ordinary stuff:D

  5. I love it! I’m a full on blue i was there at the game best feeling ever when Aguero scored 😀 I’ll subscribe and try to get some more blues to mate :)

  6. @1loversinjapan good, hope you enjoyed it. Are you a city fan? Subscribe to me man, hope you enjoy all my over videos. Tell your mates if possible! Much appreciated!

  7. Thanks Mate :) i watch this video daily 😀

  8. @1loversinjapan haha absolute quality comment mate;)

  9. United are seconds away from the tit- AND THERES A CHANCE THERES A CHANCE AA—AGGGUEERROOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  10. At the very end there: I like to think that’s ol’ slurgie refusing to face facts. It just makes the world seem like a better place.

  11. The referee buyers face is a picture, I wonder if he went into the toilets and drank 4 bottles of whiskey and a couple of bottles of toilet duck. Hard luck Slur Alex, next year will be your year….NOT.

  12. lovebites and everythink!!!

  13. im not a city fan but moments like that make the premierleague what it is. gives me goosebumps watchin it. by the way up the fuckin boro


  15. Paul Merson Is ledge

  16. learn americans…. THIS IS FOOTBALL!!!!… Not fucking American rugby… Hell yeah!!!

  17. MultiAsspounder

    cut his penis off insted

  18. might just be the best one min 15 of tv ever


  20. hahaha :))))


  22. Can’t believe his tooth didn’t fall out.

  23. @bamboy70 I think it was more shell shock than mental. Utter disbelief.

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