Manchester City v Barcelona, Bayer Leverkusen v PSG | #FDW UEFA Champions League Preview

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25 responses to “Manchester City v Barcelona, Bayer Leverkusen v PSG | #FDW UEFA Champions League Preview

  1. Results: City 0-2 Barcelona / Leverkusen 0-4 PSG

    What did you think of the game? Are City now out of the Champions League?
    Was it a penalty or was it outside the box? And why does Pellegrini keep
    playing Demichelis? Sound off below!

  2. City-Barca 2-1
    Bayern-PSG 0-2

  3. City 2 Barca 2 and Leverkusen 0 PSG 2

  4. Daily-weekly twice a week?

  5. lol yup great team city

  6. barca is going to win just wait and see

  7. Draw 2-2 :)

  8. I think city will break Barcelonas hearts and it will be 4-1 city today. 

  9. 1:35 Nic: ‘you have a beautiful face adam’

  10. So pumped to watch them

  11. Ronaldo also missed a game during the group stages. Ibra missing that one
    didn’t matter.

  12. Today :
    City – Barça : 0-2
    Bayer – PSG : 0-4
    Next :
    Barça – City : 1-1
    PSG – Bayer : 3-1
    *PSG <333*

  13. Citeh suffered in defence, attacked well but Barca had bodies back every
    time citeh got forward. Great game, can citeh do the reverse like they did
    v munich ?? I for one doubt it, but footy is a funny old game.

  14. Guy in the middle must feel like such a dickhead lol.

  15. bayer 0-4 PSG


  16. barca 1 city 0 

  17. First

  18. Man. City 1 – 1 Barca, or 1-2 to Barca i dont know

  19. 1st and I think 2-1 to barca

  20. where’s thay 3-1 at?

  21. 3-1 Barcelona and 5-2 PSG

  22. Football Daily Twice-a-day-ly <3

  23. “Barcelona are not that good anymore.” Hahaha

  24. “Barcelona are not good anymore” Is that Why we beat Real Madrid 2-1? Is
    that Why we are top of the league? Yeah, sure, we were a bit better a few
    years ago, but we are still probobly one of the top 3 club in the world.
    I think Man city going to have some problems today. Agüero and maybe
    Negredo is out, and som other players aswell. I think 1-1 today and 1-0 to
    Barca at home.

  25. +Football Daily +Football Daily +Football Daily Nick owes Barca an apology
    for saying they are no longer good

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