Manchester City Skills, Passing, Defence, Goals & Triumph against Manchester United

Male Town Supporters Video Ranking: 4 / five

25 responses to “Manchester City Skills, Passing, Defence, Goals & Triumph against Manchester United

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  2. This season will never be forgotten !!

  3. tbh it was only 1-0 until united went down to 10 men

  4. super super city.

  5. I am a city fan. I am going to say about united fans thinking we can’t fill
    our attendance. if that is so true then why have the city owners decided to
    build the stadium up to 60 odd thousand

  6. Great vid!

  7. it was cus owr keppa is shit if van der sar waz in goal it would hav been
    on 2-1

  8. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx great highlights you export

  9. What a day for City

  10. Ajax ansterdam is better

  11. it’s completely a rape

  12. Who gives a shit about Fulham and Everton?

  13. 2:25 lone man singing “We all hate Leeds scum” into the mic. Bless his
    cotton socks

  14. Silva’s pass.I replayed that quite a few times

  15. You lucky bastards!!!! It should have been 10. It should have been 10. You
    lucky bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should have
    been 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. City has talent..if they could only play like that all the time. Balotelli
    is a cry baby but I guess by me saying that it’s only giving him one more
    reason to be one..ha. what a mind fuck. Silva is the shit.

  18. united not just beaten HUMILIATED

  19. City on fire

  20. The days when Man Utd actually defended well…

  21. David Silva was simply the only reason for this result, what a player

  22. Yeah cos they’re all loyal fans of Man. City aren’t they you bad knobhead.

  23. Yup, best 8th place team in the league. Might even get a chance to quality
    for Europa League with a record like that.

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