Manchester City Always Wanted to Bring Pep Guardiola, claims Former Boss

Manuel Pellegrini has opened up on the exit from Manchester City by saying that the club always wanted to bring in Pep Guardiola.

The Spaniard took over from the Chilean in the summer. During his three years with City, Pellegrini was responsible for winning the league title once and FA Cup. He also won the League Cup in his final season at the club. Unlike at Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola will not be faced with the huge amount of pressure from his predecessor. As a result, he has started the season extremely well with the team conceding the top spot only now.

Pellegrini’s exit was confirmed even before the end of last season. The former Real Madrid boss says that the club had been trying to get the former Barcelona manager even as back as 2013. Then, Guardiola decided to avoid the City revolution, which was still in its infancy, and join Bayern Munich instead.

The move to the German club has brought him a fair share of success and criticism. After being able to win the German league title three times in succession and in record time, Guardiola was unable to repeat the Champions League success from Barcelona.

Pellegrini says that since City were very clear about their objectives, he does not have any problem with the exit.
“When they signed me, [Manchester] City were very clear with me. They came for me and they told me that they wanted Pep Guardiola or me.Guardiola did not want to sign and I did it for three years. I fulfilled my phase and Pep wanted to coach in England because he had spent many years in Barcelona. There is no problem.I had two offers [from Spain]. Luckily, there were teams interested in me. It does not matter who they were,” said Pellegrini.

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