Man City 3-2 QPR – Manchester City Champions celebrations | Premier League

Male City Fans Video Ranking: 4 / 5

24 responses to “Man City 3-2 QPR – Manchester City Champions celebrations | Premier League

  1. Anyone noticed the delicious irony in that the dislikes are in red?

  2. isnt it awesome? theses scenes shows how celebration can be done together football brings people close #together


  4. Good for you.

  5. must i come from Manchester to be a fan nincompoop

  6. STICK HA HA. I can remmber when united won the treble, and all i heard was that was it united are going to do that every year from then????? REALLY???? Dont get me wrong but i am only city fan left in my family, i have united all arround me. i watch united. but the bloody banta i get i just want to laugh and laugh lol.

  7. ———-/´¯/)——–(¯`




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  8. Im a liverpool fan but i know that man city are gonna fucking smash the CL

  9. Fantastic moment and is logical to lose all self control!

  10. Love that as a football fan

  11. If this was old trafford it would just be chinks and irish wankers

  12. If this was at old tfafford it wa

  13. 5:44 I hope not to underestimate the Arabs

  14. why??? not? have you won this season nooooooooooooo !!!!

  15. and??? stuck??

  16. I didn’t know that girls there r so easy :/ 

  17. if you’re going to comment at least learn how to spell first, just remember, the last time united gave away an 8 point lead with won the treble the year after, the time before that we won the double, and in the early 2000’s we came 3rd and 4th for 4 years running, and yet ignorant people claim “this is the end” now, this is only the beginning of a great rivalry between united and city, manchester fucking off london and becoming the best footballing city in the world, embrace it dont get cocky!

  18. 666 vids lol

  19. Congratulations to Manchester City, from a “Anyone but United” fan.

  20. BOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO put ya dummy back in an shut the fuck up!

  21. I see white people. They’re… they’re every where……

  22. Holy crap! White people every where!

  23. fuck of back to your own MAN UTD channel…….

    I bet your not even from manchester you dumb ass glory hunter.

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