Joe Hart would benefit from his rest spell

Manuel Pellegrini is still convinced that footballer Joe Hart would profit from his spell out of Man City team. Pellegrini, the Manchester City manager, dropped the goalkeeper of England this month following his prolonged inconsistent form in which he made some high profile mistakes.

Still, in spite of missing previous 2 English Premier League games, England manager Roy Hodgson still has faith in Joe Hart and Roy was also impressed with Joe in their friendly loss to Germany. After that, there were speculations that the twenty six year old might come back in Manchester City’s home match against Tottenham this week.

Last week, before Joe Hart played against Germany, Manuel Pellegrini told a leading sports news channel that at this point of time that maybe Joe Hart needs a rest but they still have a lot of trust in him and he would still a very important player in Man City squad. He added that he is quite sure that this would be a very important thing from him to perform like he did two years ago.

On the other hand, Pantilimon’s selection has finally offered the Romanian goalkeeper given a chance to shine. Before that Pantilimon had featured in just domestic cup matches since joining Manchester City in 2011’s summer. The Man City coach believed that it was fair that the twenty six year old was handed the scope. Manuel Pellegrini told that it was very important for him as a manager; he has 22 players, not 11.


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