Joe Hart hints Finding Coach that can Rate him

Joe Hart hints that instead of taking Pep Guardiola’s views to heart and doubting himself, he would like to find a manager who rates him and respects his way of goalkeeping.

As per Hart, there are many views about a Football player and the views can be contrasting. Someone would say a player is fantastic and the other might say no, he is not. But, a player can’t listen to everyone.

In the case of Hart, it’s only the views of the selected people he says he listens to.

The goalie was quoted as, “Look, this I had understood long back that I could not make everyone happy with my game. There are people I have special bonding with and I leave it to them to see how I am going and when they come to me with an advice, I really consider it and implement it, but, I can’t implement every advice I get or I can’t tell myself ‘I have to show this guy that his opinion is wrong’ because with that mind-set, I will not help myself.”

Hart had a very honest answer to the question of Torino as well. On why he made that choice, the Shrewsbury born 65-time capped Three Lion said, “Look, there is no point hiding the truth. I hadn’t had 50 offers on my table.

That’s the one I had and I had to go for it and now that I am here, it’s my only priority at the minute. I am not looking ahead of the season.”

“But, I will surely not hang my gloves and kit till the time my body doesn’t give up. Whenever that time comes, in however many years, I will continue till then because keeping is my love.”

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