INSIDE CITY 21: Richards and Lescott – NFL Superbowl showdown HD

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25 responses to “INSIDE CITY 21: Richards and Lescott – NFL Superbowl showdown HD

  1. Mantas Uzemeckas

    stop stoping the voice when they swear !

  2. why

  3. doesn’t change the fact that he is a cunt for what he did to welbeck

  4. I laughed my arse off at lescott and richards

  5. 03:55 is that Ibrahimovic’s face cut off and pasted on stuart taylor? lol

  6. Yuss man the real NFL team jerseys are very expensive but I found a very
    dope company that gives this years the NFL jerseys out completely free!

  7. and yet liverpool fans are accused of being rasict by united

  8. :trollface:

  9. Same, he even bought a house in manchester and brough his family and was

  10. hahah brummys ahah

  11. fenderguitargirl

    I love Richards! And I miss De Jong!

  12. micah is hilarious

  13. Micah is suh a laugh, he can’t do a serious photo in his dreams!

  14. 6-1 u glory supporting cunt

  15. 8.16 he says dench !!! haha

  16. Richards is hilarious haha

  17. fuck u

  18. i wish only one language exist

  19. david pizarro looks like miniature Kolarov hahaha

  20. 3:10 The smile on Mario’s face… What has he done this time? 😀

  21. Actually surprised Lescott got a decent spiral on that! Shame he ain’t go
    no accuracy though!

  22. Micah’s laugh xD

  23. I love how mario always comes out of that door with a huge smile xD

  24. cant lie city got a beautiful training centre and facilities.

  25. Melissa Limenyande

    @faayzal Omg! same here I’m also a man u fan>I wish MUFC would do this as
    well.I used to not like the mcfc players but this channel really changed my
    perspective on them,so hilarious

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