Highlights: FC Barcelona 0 – 1 Manchester City (Season 2009/10)

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16 responses to “Highlights: FC Barcelona 0 – 1 Manchester City (Season 2009/10)

  1. City even parked the bus in a friendly -_-

  2. who is died 0:19

  3. I was really looking forward to see ibra and messi for more then just one
    year. Sucks it didn’t work out

  4. Barca should of won that game. 

  5. 40-45 secs hopefully Yaya doesn’t do that to us! Physically, it’ll be very
    difficult to beat Man City. It sounds crazy but I would play a 4231 like
    Spain in 2008-2010 and have Busquets and Song as dms to protect our fragile
    defence. Then have Cesc as cam, Messi up front, and Pedro and Neymar on the
    wings. To beat these guys we’ll have to play our best football. It’s a
    shame Tata got the job when he has because it’s a lot tougher than last

  6. barcelonadecorazon10

    Man, BARCELONA let that one go :/ still support my team!;)

  7. Yaya Toure was ours lol. Few days to start 

  8. If Barca grt these same chances mow we shall win

  9. We were unlucky but it was Joan Gamber cup however in that time we got all
    titles. Visca Barca

  10. It’s a shame Zlatan couldn’t stay with us too. I think he would’ve been
    very useful the past 2 years. 

  11. City not just parked the bus but made their goalposts man of the match

  12. +FC Barcelona +Barçacentral 

  13. So many memories from this game… Pep and Tito on the bench, Toure playing
    for Barca… the gold old days.

  14. Juanito PRADES ROVIRA

    !! Hoy deseamos que suceda lo contrario !! por qué eres nuestro equipo del
    alma …Bisca el Barsa !! Viva Messi y su escuadra invencible !!

  15. this was the first match for Zlatan Ibrahimovic with Barcelona 

  16. Once again we lost to city

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