Football Manager 2012 – Wolves Vs Manchester City!

Male City Supporters Video Score: 4 / five

25 responses to “Football Manager 2012 – Wolves Vs Manchester City!

  1. I love this video but Aguero is Man City’s best player 😛

  2. Fantastic result. Anto, please check my FM videos 🙂

  3. My advice is to look at each players report. That will show you what their best roles are rather than your make all defenders defend strategy, however it seems to be working today. A wonderkid: Mateo Kovacic. Plays for Dinamo GNK, CAM

  4. u have to buy it dude

  5. MORE FM

  6. NO stfu u knob

  7. its 26 points not 25 but good vid

  8. You should play in the 3D match mode!

  9. i love the way you get so involved in the game, makes it so much better than you’re really into it, like when you scored that equaliser, just makes it seem more realistic

  10. When you see the squad in the beginning it look like Henneseys name is Heeeeeeeeeeskeeeeeeey

  11. Yes the first goal of the game was his assist.

  12. Get an education! Seriously.

  13. yh lol i see

  14. i know this is proberly dumb but is this online??? and do u hav to download

  15. 05:44 he says clichy 😀

  16. Yeah he said Clichy crossed it… but he didn’t talk about him.

  17. oh wow i just decided to check your channel, these FM vids has not appeared 🙁

  18. come on make fifa videos not thes shit 

  19. I’m glad I didn’t unsubscribe, I knew you’d see sense and start re-making FIFA videos :))

  20. Love your Football Manager series! Keep it up. You are doing a fantastic job with Wolves too!

  21. 05:43 🙂

  22. jus wanted 2 see wot its like and i dont reelly like it

  23. Great celebration for 1-1 haha!

  24. Glad to see you back 🙂

  25. Great video, stupid people that dislike

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