Fight between Manchester Utd vs. Manchester City 02.11.2014

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25 responses to “Fight between Manchester Utd vs. Manchester City 02.11.2014

  1. Jeremy van Winklehock

    City getting done in their own backyard hahahahahahaha big hard men sitting
    behind the fence, absolutely laughable!

  2. The City fan at the end “they came up the road giving it big ones” – yeah
    whilst you all stood behind the fence like faggots.

  3. haha typical City shit. The loudest cunts sat behind a fence giving it the
    big one as outnumbered United fans lay out one of their own bleeding on the
    fucking street…

  4. just to let people know.. the real Manc’s are the ones steamrollin down the
    street, not the ones hiding behind the fence. UNITED!!!! 

  5. 20 vs 100 go on United and funny looking family pub all lads few women no
    kids lol reds give a good go to say only 20 off em 

  6. And by the way, they get called munichs because they milked that disaster
    for all its worth. And their club was built upon it

  7. Lovely United! Outnumbered young lads going at it in City’s backyard..Haha
    fuck off Shity. Coming over the fence when United is already walking

  8. More City fans outside than inside their own stadium ganging up on people

  9. Meanwhile, pakis are raping their kids, and they’ll do fk all about it, but
    when it comes to football, Warriors all….
    Welcome to England, 

  10. Ive been up with Chelsea to both Citeh and the Rags and had a good crack at
    both places.The way I see it up there is MOST Citeh fans are Mancs and a
    large portion of rags travel to the club. Now whether thats cause theyve a
    bigger fan base and its always been the same since the early 70s I dunno
    but Ive had more scraps with the Cockney reds than I have in Manchester.
    And the only real scrap Ive had at Citeh was in the ground at the end of
    2001 when we beat them to send them down again. Was a good day out. dont
    manage to get many days like that anymore. who knows. maybe with safe
    seating it might happen.

  11. It’s quite retarded how most City fans don’t even realise that one of their
    own also died at Munic

  12. Just had to comment to clear this up as I was in the pub when this happened
    and a lot of bullshit is being thrown around. About 4 or 5 city lads
    standing outside having a fag around the corner to the left of the green
    fence got battered by the united lot, when word got in the pub what
    happened it emptied and united got over ran and out numbered and got the
    shit kicked out of them further down the road. For all those people saying
    united wanted it outside out boozer is complete bollocks, they wanted it
    for about five seconds till they saw how many came out the pub then legged
    it down the road. Hilarious.

  13. This video says it all, united’s young lads hunting for city on their own
    patch, United have always ran City and always will… 

  14. At 1:32 the city guy says is that a United fan or what then he is given an
    answer that I didn’t hear then he says get him up so it was obviously a
    city fan

  15. lol man united ran away 

  16. thats like videoing someone shagging your wife behind your back and showing
    it your mates in the pub later

  17. Typical United, giving it the biggun when they think they’re protected by a
    fence and then running when city get out

  18. What a absolute cunt shouting Munich 

  19. respect mancity from ultras milan !! fuck united !!

  20. everyone knows united got ran hahaaha

  21. Dirty blue bastards there’s a guy nearly dead on floor and he is like I
    hope he is a red the dirty fucking twat United till I die we never back
    down specially against mouthy twats that sit behind cameras by the way he
    made one good point that managed to come from this bacterias thought strain
    was where are the police it’s been ten minutes

  22. Who was the shit bag shouting!!! about 30 united against at least three
    times as many. City would never come down with those numbers…..City are
    shit bags always run unless they out number the opposition. We are the firm
    in Manchester ask any firm in the UK. Typical blue nose shouting from
    behind a fence.

  23. Proving how much scabby scummy cunts city fans are giving it the bigun’
    behind a fence taunting “munich cunts” death mocking cunts.

  24. Your man shooting the video giving it large but not getting involved in the
    fight, what a real hard man… Prick!

  25. What a massive wanker stood behind a fence, shouting ‘Munich’ – and all the
    while his Div mates are getting the usual pasting from United. City – a
    joke club with joke fans. Mouth off but cant back it up. Where was the
    Blazing Squad? Probably in Bury screaming “is that Napoleh?” down the
    phone. Cocks. 

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