Fifa’s proposals not bothering Guardiola

The governing body of the game FIFA is planning to restrict the no. of players the clubs can place on loan and one of the clubs which this decision is going to affect, if it materializes at all, is Manchester City because City currently has as many as 28 players placed on loan.

But that is not something which is bothering Pep Guardiola, the man in charge of City.

Manchester City have enough strength in depth not to worry too much about the regulations – their squad is unrivalled in the Premier League, and it’s no wonder they are favourites to win the Premier League once more (retaining their title), by opinion of betting experts prediction- especially given that they already lead by 5 points.

Guardiola says that if the decision regarding this is eventually taken, then he will do what’s needed to be done. Of course the players will have to be recalled. They will be recalled and he will try and see if he has room for them to play at City. If he doesn’t, then the only thing he can do is to offload them.

Even from the players’ point of view, if somebody has gone somewhere on loan and has got regular playing opportunities and has played in packed stadiums, how can those players come back and play for the B side here at City with hardly anyone present in the stadium to watch the games?

City currently has plenty of quality players in the first team and it’s proving to be hard for Guardiola to find room for even academy players who are very, very talented and perhaps at any other club, would already have been playing for the first team. That’s the reason why some of those academic youngsters are exploring their options now.

Somebody like Brahim Diaz whom City has offered an extension as his contract will expire at the conclusion of this season has not penned the extension yet and it’s believed that he is on the radar of Real Madrid.

Diaz had played 5 matches in the Premiership last season for City, but this season, he is yet to get a game.

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