FIFA Street | Manchester City Pro Player Tournament

Gentleman City Supporters Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

24 responses to “FIFA Street | Manchester City Pro Player Tournament

  1. all their reactions are fake!

  2. 0:10 High five + Brofist lol

  3. lolololol

  4. Nigel de jong i hate him

  5. Micah rocking the socks and sandals combination @ 0:18

  6. arsenal did!

  7. Nigel de jong is just a boss.

  8. its hilarious EA had a massive hype over this, people never bought it

  9. People say this game sucks but i honestly think it was one of the best sports games ever played…….

  10. ahahahahaha forza samp

  11. Favorite trick?
    Joe: Tackling 😀

  12. Turkey!

  13. 00:23 joe hart playing darts

  14. Hart playing dart=Joe dart

  15. fistbumb fail 0:11 and 0:13

  16. i do that handshake with my friends

  17. lol at hart playing darts


  19. can take you all on

  20. ahhahahaah fail

  21. YOU GET ME!!!

  22. “The flip flop? It’s the flip flap” Hahaha 😀

  23. You must feeling pretty dumb now?

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