EXCLUSIVE BUS CAM: Manchester City’s Bus Parade HD

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  1. Jesus, this is shocking. Not sure what the actual figures for this shambolic ‘parade’ were (and to spare city embarrassment i fear we’ll never know…). Looking at the clips from this video i’d guess 30 – 40,000 at most? Maybe not even that, because if you look closely it’s simply the same couple hundred people walking after the bus all the way around…

    Anyway, i’ve just watched a clip of United’s 99 parade. They had 750,000 at that…more than ten times the number that were at this.

  2. Dzekoooo

  3. Isn’t it? Well, it’s what football has been for the last 40+ years and it’s just as well you don’t want Spurs to win owt as that’s exactly what you’ll continue to do!!! BWAHAHAHAHAA!!!

  4. You’re thoroughly wrong there I digress … Liverpool , Man United and Arsenal won trophies because of their great managers, true … but they spent big also and that money was not self generated however, in time it would be. United had a fan recruitment drive during Busbys tenure, that’s why there’s loads of fans from Eire. Liverpool Fc, fuck all til the 60’s and the moores and as for Arsenal, the same arsenal who bought their place in the league? Don’t forget that £50m gift in the 1990’s too!!

  5. Looking at your latest comments is truly embarrassing to be honest. Obviously gone a little bitter spree which is pretty pathetic. Get a life.

  6. Bullshit.

  7. You’re partly right there. What city are doing is no different to what Chelsea have done – bought success with outside investment. It is, however, the polar opposite to what proper clubs like Man United, Liverpool and even Arsenal did. They won trophies due to great managers like Busby, Shankly and Chapman. They then spent self generated income to continue that success. That’s how football should be. What city have done is just wrong and is ruining the game. And that is why WE NEED FFP NOW.

  8. Meh, I’d rather win nothing than have trophies bought for us by some billionaire. That just isn’t football to me.

  9. Uniteds treble parade you say? I was there, yes it was fucking packed out in town that day but, I’d draw attention to last years 19th league title parade… it was wank. Ours for the F.A cup was noticeably better attended as was this years league title. Kid yourselves it was a poor turnout and that Tottenham would turn out in more numbers for the community shield, I’ll sit back, sip my rum and pmsl at you all because A) we’re the champions and B) spurs in the community shield? BWAAAAHAHAHAAA!!!

  10. What City are doing is different in what way to what Chelsea, Man United, Real Madrid have done? Tell me

  11. I’d rather have no trophies than no fans, which, looking at this ‘parade’ you sure as shit aint got the latter! And also, i’d rather support a proper club like West Ham an see us win fuck all than have my club taken over by some rich owner who just buys undeserved trophies. If that happened to my club i’d stop supporting them. Success should be earned, not bought, if you do what city have done then it is just meaningless.

  12. mate, not one Man United fan has commented on this video. Only neutrals have. An that should tell you something. Fans of clubs who have no reasons to hate city and are therefore not biased, are literally pissing themselves at this shocking turnout. I mean, compare this with Man United’s parade after they won the treble, an yet you try to tell people that everyone in Manchester supports city? Behave. FFS, Tottenham would have abigger turnout if we won the Community Shield than this…

  13. Love how so many fans of shit clubs are on this vid. Arsenal, Man United, I’m looking at you ya trophyless wankers aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahaa

  14. Not a football fan? You’re blatantly a United fan and your tears are delicious, DELICIOUS

  15. This diabolical turnout just goes to show that even though Man city have rich owners, their support is still that of a small club. Teams who win the championship usually get in excess of 100,000 at their parades. Looking at the clips on here i don’t think there was even 50,000 at this one, but like I said that’s because Man city just haven’t got that many fans. It is embarrassing though that the ‘champions’ of this country are not a well supported club. That’s the problem with rich owners though

  16. Not even a football fan but i like to watch this video if ever i’ve had a bad day as it cheers me up by making me laugh. Seriously, you call that a ‘parade’? I’ve seen more people in a phone box.

  17. Don’t know about anyone else but I’m personally embarrassed that this ‘club’ is the current ‘Champions’ of our country when i watch this video. That is a DIABOLICAL turn out. The best team in the country should be a well supported club. Man city are not. Before the takeover they were a mid table club with a medium sized support. Their owners might buy trophies for the club now but as this video shows, their ‘support’ is still distinctly average. As i said at the start i am EMBARRASSED for them.

  18. To all those slating how little numbers were. the parade was on the monday evening, a day after we won the league… i myself didnt know there was a parade until the afternoon (been celebrating till early hours) as had a fair few players judging by the amount of sunglasses being worn. If it had been a week later on a sat/sun numbers wouldv been huuge

  19. what the fuck, there’s nobody there?!

  20. how will he help then? will he stand on the route at your future parades to double the number of people there? nice idea, you’ll have to buy several thousand more people to do the same though, if you want to avoid any further embarrassing turnouts like this and the fa cup one.

  21. next season we have a better chance,we got better players and maybe rvp will be joining us

  22. Embarrassing beyond words. York City had more fans out than this. Pathetic club, pathetic ‘support’. 

  23. Bleeding hell, i’d heard it was a shite turnout but i had no idea it would be that bad. ‘Selective camerawork’ has covered most of it up,i.e.only showing one side of Deansgate where the route is slightly well populated, and zooming the camera in to show only a short stretch of road at a time as long shots would illustrate how empty it is further ahead. However, look at 17:33 and try not to laugh. it’s literally one deep with around fifty scrotes behind running after the bus. TRULY EMBARRASSING.

  24. Listen lads, no matter how few ‘fans’ were there and how undeserved ‘winners’ they are, they’ve got the trophy. yes it was a shite parade and while we’re all entitled to tell them so, let’s just let the precious manc delude himself and celebrate. OK?

  25. 6:04 on Princess Street. 6:20 on Princess Street and looking left down Portland Street past The Old Monkey. Yeah, it really only looks like 10,000 on the rest of the route when you take Albert Square and Deansgate out of it. No doubt you’ll claim everyone legged it round from Albert Square to take up their position just prior to the camera panning on them.You’re a totally deluded clown and I’m finished with arguing with you. CHAMP12NS.

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