Euro 2020 could be across the whole continent

According to Germany’s football association, DFB, there is a plan in the works to stage the 2020 European football championships in many different locations across the whole continent. This would be instead of the usual one or two countries that host it and the new plans have been received with widespread support from national federations.

General-Secretary of the DFB, Helmut Sandrock, has said “we were surprised when we first heard the idea…but I myself had discussions to learn more about this idea and we know that there have been two strategy discussions with national federations already and there is a lot of support for such a Euro tournament.”

If these plans do indeed go ahead, it would mark a very exciting development for European football fans. Not only would they be able to travel to many different places to watch games, but those people already live in those places would be able to enjoy all the buzz and hype that this competition brings with it, right on their doorstep. However, until plans are made and 2020 rolls around, football fans are going to have to find something else to do to distract themselves. One thing that many football fans dabble in, is the past-time of playing online poker.

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