City planning to expand to China

Manchester City has a franchise team in USA with New York City FC as well as in Australia with their other franchise team Melbourne City FC.

Even though Manchester City have expanded their reach and influence beyond England, the owners of the club are planning to buy another club and it seems like City Football Group have set their sights on China with Shanghai City being rumored of being the next purchase from the holding company of Manchester City.

Transactions have already been completed involving City Football Group and the Chinese consortium CMC with the Chinese outfit investing around £265m and this shows that both entities have established close relations with huge sums of money being transferred between each other.

China Media Capital (CMC) own the TV rights for the Chinese Super League as well as the rights of the China Football Association and its believed that City Football Group have been advising the Chinese conglomerate on how to organize their league as well as on how to make their clubs run better not only at a financial aspect but also as a competitive way.

The Chinese Super League has recently been going through an uprising as they have attracted renowned players such as: Ramires who joined Jiangsu Suning from Chelsea for a price tag of £25 million and Jackson Martinez who was transferred from Athletic Madrid over to Guangzhou Evergrande who arrived to the Asian for a fee of €42 million.

According to, these recent signings and cash that has been splashed out from the Asian clubs is proof of the growth that the Chinese Super League has expanded in recent times and this might be one of the main reasons of why Manchester City want to extend their reach over to China and continue adding more clubs to their portfolio.


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