AC Milan vice-president has “fondness” for Balotelli

Mario Balotelli has proved to be one of the most talked about players in Manchester City’s recent history and yet another press report has now been published about the Italian. This time is originates from AC Milan, with their vice-president Adriano Galliani claiming that he has a soft spot for the player.

Unfortunately, it would be fair to say that Balotelli mainly grabs the headlines for controversial reasons and while he has put in some memorable performances for City, most people simply look back on the negative newspaper columns. He has been involved in a ridiculous number of controversies and it has appeared, on numerous occasions, that Roberto Mancini has been ready to sell him.

However, one man who is still a massive fan of the player is Adriano Galliani. Speaking to the media, the AC Milan vice-president said, ““I wouldn’t want to talk about Balotelli, but I cannot deny I have a natural fondness for him. I don’t think it would be so difficult to keep him on the straight and narrow.”

As you would expect, such comments have been met with absolute glory by the press who are already hinting that Milan could launch a bid for the 22-year-old in January. Of course, such a move would not be completely out of the ordinary, with Balotelli admitting on several occasions that he is a big fan of the San Siro outfit.

Whether or not Mancini wants to sell the player at this moment in time is another matter though. So far, Balotelli has managed to keep his head down through the 2012/13 season and has managed to score twice in the eight appearances he has made. However, it remains to be seen if the former Inter Milan striker will be satisfied with the rotation policy that Mancini seems to utilise, as he has only managed to start two of the last five games.

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